What is a FerForge fence?

Wrought iron fence, or Persianized FerForge, means changing the shape or lowering of a round or polygonal iron rod, in which the tip of the metal is gradually narrowed with a hammer and heated in a forging furnace during several stages. FerForge becomes a beautiful piece for use in decorative works.

FerForge industry in ancient Iran and was known in traditional ways as the art of flower fence making. This product was produced in small blacksmithing workshops or by casting cast iron and other metals. This profession has made great progress in recent years and has become the industry of producing FerForgein large workshops and factories.

These days, Pars FerForge has become one of the major exporters of wrought iron and rolled products. Wrought iron parts are used to make fence flowers, and sometimes decorative items such as metal headboards and vases and candlesticks are also used. Pars FerForge Industrial has a good position in Iran and many other countries.

FerForge construction method

Pars Wrought iron into metal parts of the four-cornered metal type called four-sided, which is heated inside the furnaces with a temperature of 220 degrees and is transformed by hand or special devices called ovens, and thus these metal rods are turned into wrought iron. Of course, most of these shapes are in the form of very small consecutive circles like snails. These Pars Ferfoge parts are also used in making floral wrought iron.

Pars ferforge

In what fields is wrought iron used:

Pars Wrought Ironis proud to offer the best, most beautiful and most professional products in the fields of construction, decoration and furniture. Products such as doorsand windows, which are the main products of Pars FerForge Company, have gained a lot of interest in recent years and have beautified the facades of buildings.

Features of Pars FerForge products:

Strength, variety, beauty, no need for care and reasonable price are some of the features of forged oven products that have made it popular and compounds such as cast iron and aluminum have made this product have a higher resistance compared to other iron products and rust later.

Parsferforge Industrial

Pars ferforge

Pars FerForge Iron is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of wrought iron industry in Iran and the Middle East, which has been able to shine in the field of this industry with the help of specialized, creative and professional forces.

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